Guest Speaker:

Dr. David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson is a Senior Staff Anaesthetist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and has been Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit for about 17 years. He is a Clinical Lecturer in the Discipline of Acute Care Medicine (The University of Adelaide) and is busy with clinical and research activity, as well as being an active SCUBA diver. He is co-ordinator of the Divers Emergency Service, a 24-hour telephone service that has provided advice to divers in the Asia Pacific region for almost 30 years. This service is funded by DAN Asia-Pacific. David is a Life Member of DAN AP and is also on the Board of Directors of DAN AP. He is currently a PhD candidate with The University of Adelaide, where he is investigating the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on glucose metabolism in people with and without diabetes. He is keen to share his enthusiasm in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine.

(July 28 – 30, 2015)

Physiology and Pathophysiology of diving and hyperbaric exposure:
– Non-dysbaric diving pathologies

Diving technology and safety:
– Characteristics of various divers and others working under pressure
– Diving Equipment as used to 50m
– Diving tables & Computers
– Regulations and Standards for Diving

Saturation Diving
– Physiology of deep exposure
– Compression
– Bell excursions

Fitness to Dive
– Fitness to dive criteria and contrain-dications (for divers, tunnel workers and HBOT patients and chamber personnel)
– Fitness to dive assessment
– Fitness to dive standards (professional and recreational)

Diving Accidents
– Accident Investigation of Diving Illness or Injury

Decompression Illness
– Rehabilitation of Disabled divers