ASM Seminar Information

AHDMA Technical Diving Seminar

Date: 31 May 2019

Time: 0900-1600H

Location: Henann Resort, Alona Beach, Panglao, Philippines

Cost: (inclusive of lunch and tea breaks)

Members – AUD150/pax (early bird), AUD180/pax (late registration/onsite)

Non-members – AUD180/pax (early bird), AUD210/pax (late registration/onsite)


A unique one-day seminar aimed at both technical divers and medical personnel (diving doctors, hyperbaric technicians/nurses, chamber operators).

Our main speaker is Prof Dr Simon Mitchell, renowned physician and scientist with specialist training in diving and hyperbaric medicine, and an accomplished technical diver. Together with other speakers it is hoped that this seminar will give a comprehensive overview from the technical divers’ perspective (dive planning challenges, motivation and training, physiological stresses, problems unique to technical diving) and the diving doctors perspective (fitness to dive, challenges in treating decompression illness).

Some topics include:

  1. Deep stops or not: decompression controversies.
  2. Investigations of practices and technology in rebreather diving.
  3. The complex process of staying safe in technical diving.

There will be ample opportunity for interaction and discussion throughout the day. This is a great chance for divers and diving medical personnel to connect and exchange knowledge and experience. Come join us!