Membership Terms & Condition

Terms of Condition of Membership in AHDMA

(as per the Rules of the AHDMA May 2017)


  1. Membership

Individuals and companies with a clear interest in diving and hyperbaric medicine shall be entitled to apply for membership. Membership shall not be denied on the basis of race, gender or religion. There shall be no limit to the maximum number of members.


5.1 Membership Types

  1. Ordinary Membership. Any of below shall be eligible for ordinary membership. $10 per annum

(1) Doctors, Nurses, Chamber Operators and Paramedics, working in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine.

(2) Graduates who has had training or experience in the medical field and life sciences with interest in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

(3) Professionals who are exclusively or principally employed directly in the field of diving medicine or hyperbaric medicine.

  1. Associate Membership. $10 per annum

(1) Divers, both professional and recreational, Diving supervisors, instructors or other individuals with an interest in diving and hyperbaric medicine but who do not fulfill the requirements of ordinary membership

  1. Student Membership $10 per annum

(1) Registered students at a university or equivalent educational institution, pursuing a course of studies in medical, life sciences or human factors

engineering faculties.

  1. Corporate Membership

(1) Companies, societies or bodies with an interest in underwater and hyperbaric medicine. The Committee shall decide on the application and the

fees involved.

A person wishing to join the Society should submit their application on a prescribed form to the Secretary. The Committee will decide on the application for membership and may reject any application without any obligation. And upon acceptance and payment of the first annual subscription, the applicant shall be a member of the association

Only fully paid current ordinary members of good standing shall have the right to vote, to stand for election or to nominate and second a candidate for election.


5.2 Subscriptions

  1. The subscription fees for membership shall be as the members shall determine from time to time in general meeting.
  1. The subscription fees shall be payable annually on July 1 of each year.
  2. Any member whose subscription is outstanding for more than three months after the due date for payment shall cease to be a member of the association, provided always that the committee may reinstate such a person’s membership on such terms as it thinks fit.


5.3 Resignations

A member may resign from membership of the association by giving written notice to the secretary or public officer of the association. Any resigning member shall be liable for any outstanding subscriptions which may be recovered as a debt due to the association.


5.4 Expulsion of a member

  1. Subject to giving a member an opportunity to be heard or to make a written submission, the committee may resolve to expel a member upon a charge of misconduct detrimental to the interests of the association.
  1. Particulars of the charge shall be communicated to the member at least one month before the meeting of the committee at which the matter will be determined.
  1. The determination of the committee shall be communicated to the member, and in the event of an adverse determination the member shall, (subject to 5.4d below), cease to be a member 14 days after the committee has communicated its determination to the member.
  1. It shall be open to a member to appeal the expulsion to the association at a general meeting. The intention to appeal shall be communicated to the secretary or public officer of the association within 14 days after the determination of the committee has been communicated to the member.
  1. In the event of an appeal under 5.4d above, the appellant’s membership of the association shall not be terminated unless the determination of the committee to expel the member is upheld by the members of the association in general meeting after the appellant has been heard by the members of the association, and in such event membership will be terminated at the date of the general meeting at which the determination of the committee is upheld.


5.5 Register of members

A register of members must be kept and contain:

  1. i) the name and address of each member
  2. ii) the date on which each member was admitted to the association, and

iii) if applicable, the date of and reason(s) for termination of membership.