Membership Benefits

1. Be part of a community of diving/hyperbaric health personnel in Asia.

2. Get discounted rates for Annual Scientific Meetings, workshops and seminars.

3. Access to online forum to discuss topics and ask questions amongst experts and peers.

4. Opportunity to be on Diving Doctors List.


The AHDMA membership is based on annual cycle and you have the option to signup with Auto-renewal where your credit card will be billed annually or a one-time yearly membership where you can renew manually through the membership account dashboard.

The membership fee is AUD$ 10 per annum.

Yearly Membership (Auto-renewal)
Sign up for a membership auto-renewal where the membership fee will be automatically billed annually.
Yearly Membership (One-time)
Sign up for a one-time membership of one year. You may renew it as it expires.